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Silver Horse Equine Nebulizer System

This budget conscience equine nebulizer system comes with everything  you need to nebulize your horse.

Be sure to add the Lung Health Formula when you order.

Your horse will thank you with better performance in and out of the arena. 

$ 325

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E3 Nebulizer System


Horses of all disciplines are challenged and limited by  respiratory problems including, but not limited to, RAO, IAD and EIPH.  

While some horses are genetically predisposed to these issues, others are impacted by changes in the season, frequent travel or pesky allergies. In the past, veterinarians, trainers and owners have treated  these issues orally or through injections.

Today, the Flexineb® offers a safe and simple alternative for treating your horse.

3-user select modes depending on medication being administered

Optimized performance with improved auto-tuning and dry med cup detection. 


Automatically turns off after 35 minutes

6 hours battery life

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